Dear customer,

Autumn is so slowly getting in place and that means start of the new road maintenance season. We all spend strange summer where real spring and summer didn´t come at all, but temperature was rather low and heavy rains occurred many areas quite often. Due to that harvesting season is late even couple of the weeks and water caused damages on the gravel roads are partly huge. Normal snow implement sales have already started and other marks of forthcoming winter season are already seen.

FMG has launched new support wheels to the general plough series, which has increased great demand among the customers. Support wheels has been asked already couple of the years because current climate cause a lot of pure asphalt and gravel based snow ploughing even in the middle of the season and due to there are a lot of useless wearing among support plates and blades. By having properly rotating wheels will support plate and blade costs minimized. Plough is able to adjust some mm. above the asphalt and avoid attrition and useless wearing in between road and blade. Track of the support wheel is also smaller compared to track caused by support leg and doesn´t cause any slippery stripe on the ploughed road. Construction itself is strong allowing also misuse and on the both side movement is limited by strong rubber suspensors. Also in the countries and areas where snow storms occurs only few time during the season would wheeled plough be the optimal solution.

Snow ploughing would be easy and enjoyable when the road surface has been balanced carefully before season and frost. The only way for good balancing is proper road dragger, which cultivate surface material and pack this back by packer. As said earlier there are a plenty of that kind of work during forthcoming season because of heavy rains in some areas also in Northern part of the world. During this season I have observed in exhibitions a huge interest to the road balancing implements, which we have also observed in our sales. That is a good sign for the future development of agricultural tractor based road balancing with the professional road draggers.

Dear Customer, FMG have delivered demo units to the many of the outlets around the market areas and they are for your study. Please contact your nearest FMG dealer and ask more info about our product offering.

I wish you good autumn period and successful time with FMG products!

Kind regards,

Markku Lappalainen
Managing Director

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