Dear customer,

After long lasting and pretty cold spring time we have finally get summer or at least to the biggest part of the Nordic region. In the Nordic part of our market area we still have some snow and due to that some part of the spring works on the fields and road balancing are delayed for some weeks. However, customers have been active on seeking for new technology and investments and due to that we have got quite lively sales spring and especially road dragger models have been asked widely on the market area. For the moment summer show season is in the full run and hopefully this summer gives good investing atmosphere to the customer to get new investing boom started.

During the long spring time customers have asked especially road draggers as already said. That has meant deliveries to the much wider areas compared to the previous times like Iceland, Belgium and far to the big Russia. On top of that current quotation bank include offers even to the USA, which sounds good for the near future. As said in the previous editorials every new invention takes its time to be recognized. Also agricultural tractor pulled road dragger has been question mark for many, but today there are many of the contractors who can put testimonial of it and new smart videos shows easily its good features. Everybody understands that tractor and road dragger package gives better total economy compared to the special grader, which is maybe the biggest driver in rapidly growth interest. On the other hand we have been pretty active in social media like FB which increase also the interest among the customers.

Due to climate change and especially in Nordic region gravel road maintenance work will increase compared to the snow ploughing. That fact is already seen especially in the autumn time where period without snow has increased at least for one month and due to that road balancing will increase and we have to be prepared for that. In some parts of the region old asphalt roads will be also moved back to the gravel roads due to cost reasons, which will also increase the amount of gravel road maintenance.

Dear Customer, we as a company like to be within the above described development which is already seen in our product selection in exhibitions, road shows and also in our marketing material. Our state of will is to strengthen internet and FB marketing, which gives you better possibilities to study our products. I kindly ask you to visit our web sites, take a look at our videos and FB articles and contact to your nearest FMG dealer.


I wish you a successful time with the FMG products!

Best regards,

Markku Lappalainen
Managing Director

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