Dear Customer,

We have spent top summer what comes to the hot days and nights and so slowly getting back to the normal autumn weather. Also autumn activities are in a full run as well in contracting as in farming. In our company current year has been extremely busy, thanks to good order backlog which have boosted us to the new records. We have also been able to recruit and train a huge number of new employers to our production and managed to develop our methods besides normal daily production. First time in our company history summer vacation has been also utilized as production time but only in one shift. To increase or decrease production is always challenging, but increase would be seen as a positive challenge.

Let´s say that we have been also lucky when getting such a demanding customers like Ministry of Defence or big airports in different countries, because it has forced us to develop processes and quality functions to be even more effective. All these drives also other product lines forward no doubt about that. On the other hand increased turnover enable us to invest more on resources like we have done in the R&D and to the production supervising areas.

Skip trailers have been our big cake in domestic market because of big order from the Ministry of Defence. On the export markets there have been road draggers and airport runway sweepers which have been dominating. Especially runway light sweeper sells well in different areas, because light bars should be cleaned due to security reasons from the snow and slush. RLS 350 suits well for light bar cleaning and can be driven with equipped agricultural tractor or wheel loader. Light bar sweeper cleans light bars effectively and move snow or slush to the other plough who will continue cleaning.


Dear Customer, FMG likes to help you in your business by developing new effective and quality products, concentrating more and more to the company´s main products in the future. We like to be stronger in tractor based road maintenance, logistics and airport products to get best added value to our clients. During the autumn we will be in many of the international fairs and roadshows and like to discuss with you about our product offering.

I wish you a successful autumn season with FMG products!

Markku Lappalainen

Managing Director





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