Dear customer,

Real winter has arrived to the Nordic region and snow has already come plenty of times to the most of the areas. Weather changes have been on all the times like we used to have during the recent years. Long term forecasts are promising more snow in couple of the weeks and due to that all the road maintenance recourses will be in full run with the wide range of implements. You have to clean snow, remove slush and make anti freezing operations more or less at the same time, like we have done already for many years.

During the autumn exhibition FMG launched special front lift especially for snow cleaning for all market areas, which have been already sold to the Norway for many years. Front lift is solid due to construction and give good features when driving snow plough for instance on the yards and cross roads. Plough will be engaged with couple of screws to the front lift and lift itself is quick engaged and disengaged to the frame. In addition front lift frame gives good base for modern type of beam support for front loader usage and due to that tractor is easy to change to the front loader works. Launched front lift has been highlighted well in many market areas and also in price wise package is an economical solution.

As said new front lift will be engaged with screws to the plough frame when plough bracket is screwed. In case you have solid bracket in plough there is a need of additional adapter, which are available from the factory. Front lift installation is placed as close to tractor as possible taking care that front wheels and plough itself will use all the maximum turning angles and due to that whole package becomes handy.

For the moment snow cleaning season is in the full run. Earlier in summer launched wheel set for ploughs has become popular delivered both with new ploughs and as well as wheel set for the older ploughs. All the FMG ploughs delivered after August 2017 have screwed support legs or wheels which are easy the change afterwards. Wheel set assembly for the older ploughs have to be made by welding. Despite of the price wheels is an economical investment because wearing of the wheels is normally minimal and well adjust wheels gives good savings in blade costs.

Dear Customer, FMG is once more giving new possibilities to the road maintenance. Please contact you nearest FMG dealer, which will give you more detailed info from our novelties and other products.

I will wish you successful season with the FMG products!


Markku Lappalainen
Managing Director

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