Dear customer,

After long and heavy winter, we are already living new summer season with the summer time doings. In the Nordic region gravel roads have been badly damaged due the wet autumn and cold winter which means a lot of extra balancing work. As said earlier climate change will cause clearly extra road maintenance, which needs more implements and resources also effectivity of the machines should be better to keep roads in the good shape.

Road balancing is one of the areas where activity will be increased because of climate change. Normally base of the road is strong enough to carry normal rains but many weeks lasting rain would damage also base. Surface of the road is firstly in the border line with heavy rain and will be prepared with road dragger immediately in case we like to keep surface balanced. We all know that fact but still in many areas preparing work is not done enough and shape of the gravel roads will go down. I guess somehow set budget will steer the activity. We have recognized that need coming from the weather variations and like to develop road draggers to be better just in road maintenance. Also increased loadings either in farming or in other logistics will require more road maintenance.

During the recent two year we have put a lot of efforts to the agricultural tractor based logistics and road transportations, where goal has been to reach 60 km/h package with the same professional and safety features like in the modern trucks. Pneumatic brakes in tractor trailers are forthcoming wave but not very common yet. If you add EBS and drive balancing in tractor trailer we are talking about the real novelty which will rise your driving to the professional class. That kind of development makes multiuse of tractor even more popular and has absolutely its influence to the total economy.

Dear Customer, we have widened our marketing area and now also some of the Central European Countries have FMG distributor. There are plenty of shows and road show days where we have our offering available to you. Please contact your nearest FMG dealer, there are people who will serve you and also you are invited to contact us directly.

I wish you a successful summer season with the FMG products!

Markku Lappalainen
Managing Director
FMG, Iisalmi

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