Dear customers,

In the Nordic regions we have got a lot of snow in the beginning of the running winter, however that kind of weather will continue until the April if long lasting forecasts will come true. Also it have been understood that current capacity related to snow cleaning implements is not sufficient if snow will come in such a speed also in the future. Also humidity of the snow was at first very big which forced road maintenance to the extra work, which naturally tied part of the maintenance capacity. In every case all the cleaning capacity has been working fully and implement providers have lived their best time.

Above mentioned situation most probably coach society, contractors and companies to prepare better in the beginning of next season, also question if snow exist anymore in climate change world will disappear for a while. If climate change make just winter month´s milder snow will exist for sure and all the contractors will have work also in the future. Slush removal will be increased on yards and walking streets as well as de-icing due to temperature close to zero.

Grader mounted to the agricultural tractor has become a popular ice and slush removal machine during the last 2 years. Due to tractor development tractor is more effective and bigger having possibilities to replace former special machines which are “clumsy” compared to the total economy with the tractors. Start to use tractor grader is easy, for instance ice removal will be learned by ear. FMG grader has a lot of hydraulically operated adjustments and pre settings for the several automatic functions. Grader blade is protected by automatic pre-set pressure releasing system and reversing automatic is as standard. With the position control cylinders downgrade of the road is possible and it is possible to pre-set. Steering goes with the proper joystick and all the movements will be steered with the one hand grip.

Dear customer, in many market areas there are road shows where our implements are available to you. Also from internet you can find more info, not forgetting our trained sales staff. Please contact your nearest FMG dealer to get more info from our products and novelties.

I wish you a successful winter and early spring time with the FMG products!

Markku Lappalainen
Managing Director

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