Dear Customer,

Last fiscal year was record year in FMG history in many ways because we made close to 100 % growth in turnover also at the same time we reached first time 40 people limit in our staff. The biggest part of the last year deliveries stayed in a domestic market, but today export markets have gained so well that another half of production will be exported either to the west or to east from Finland. Also we have been extremely active in design of the new products which means that in forthcoming season FMG offers plenty of novelties in different markets. 

In summer exhibitions in Finland, Russia, Poland and Norway were presented new TLN 250 road dragger and on top of that in Finnish show new articulated plough and renewed areal plough series were presented as well. All the new products got a lot of interest but especially new articulated plough was top popular. Curved wings, spring powered releasing mother blades and well working floating makes new articulated plough attractive. Plough would be used in areal snow cleaning and snow moving from yards and terminals. Plough can be used also in opening forest, field and other roads which have been uncleaned whole of the winter season. Snow throwing features has also been asked and that plough will fulfil that specific need especially when selecting extra throwing wings to the sides.

Renewed areal plough series has got sharper mother blade angle, new tighter sleeves, bigger front visor and new safety coloring. Sharper blade angle is beneficial when ploughing wet snow which seems to be standard quite often during the winter period. New tighter sleeves slow down additional vibrations and make driving smooth. Bigger front visor and safety colors help visibility and due to that increase driving safety among the traffic. Like before, plough series is known from the good snow throwing features even with the low driving speed; secondly road edge and bank will be cleaned precisely.  

One part of these novelties has already arrived to the different sales outlets in different countries and some will come during forthcoming month. On top of these FMG will launch totally new tractor based grader during the autumn time, which means all in all very strong input and investment to the road maintenance area.

Dear Customer, please contact and visit your nearest FMG sales outlet and get more information about our novelties. You are also invited to visit our web sides, Facebook and YouTube channel, which have more info from our product offering.



I wish you a successful autumn time with FMG products!

Markku Lappalainen
Managing director