Now is available a new mid mounted grader for Valtra tractors Stage 5. Ask an offer here.

 ATQ/ANQAT-XAN4-VDAT4-VD stage IVAT4 stage V
Transportation width2580 mm2580 mm2660 mm2690 mm2500 mm
Max. working width3180 mm3180 mm3275 mm3290 mm3800 mm
Max. turning angle + / - 20°+ / - 30°+/-20°+ / - 22°+ / - 22°
Hight of the blade body350 mm350 mm350mm350 mm340 mm
Total weight910 kg910 kg910 kg910 kg800 kg
Weight of the grader body540 kg540 kg540 kg540 kg -
Width of the drager without blade2350 mm2350 mm2380 mm2460 mm -
- with steps2600 mm2600 mm2630 mm2710 mm -