All the products  produced by LLP Farm Machinery Group Ltd have twenty four twelve (24) months warranty.

During the warranty period all the defects in material and in workmanship will be covered, in practical life FMG will replace defected parts with the new parts. Travelling expenses and freights of parts are not included in warranty.

Warranty will start in the beginning of usage of the product, if nothing else has been agreed.

Warranty is not covering damages due to misuse of product or use in the purpose where it has not been designed, lack of services or product has been modified without the permission of FMG.

Wearing of the normal usage is not covered by the warranty.

Losses in income, costs and loosen working hours caused by the defected part is not covered by the warranty.

Warranty repairs should be done by the FMG service dealer or service dealer appointed by the manufacturer.

In case the defects shown in reclamation is not valid or if case otherwise is not in the warranty area FMG has right to reject from the compensation.

Warranty reclamation should be done in written form by the FMG seller within one (1) month after notifying the defect.

In case of defect procedure is as follows:

• clarify the defect and defected area
• contact FMG seller and make reclamation as follows:
– type of the product and serial number
– delivery date of the product (invoicing date)
– date of damage
– description of the damage and pictures
– description of the working conditions and the type of the base machine
• be prepared to deliver defected parts to the manufacturer